Altered Images

I was planning on submitting these images to the Smithsonian Magazine annual photo contest, but I haven't been able to. The submit photo page has been giving me an error for the last 5 days from every computer and every network I've tried. I figured someone should get to see the work I put in …

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Banff National Park

The welcoming committee in Banff at sunset, so around 10:00 PM. Driving into Banff was one of the strangest driving experiences. We knew there were wildfires in the area but didn't realize quite how bad the issue was until we were on the road. As we drove out of Calgary towards Banff we kept saying …

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Vermont Long Trail: Section 4

Section 4: 223.5-Vt Rte 15/Valley of the Lamoille River to 272.7-Journey's End/Northern Terminus This fall has been brutal (not as brutal as the Long Trail) so I want to apologize for being so delinquent in my posting. Hurricane Harvey really did a number on the school year, combined with adding a class that I've never …

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