Grand Teton in the Fall

I've always wanted to visit a National Park in the snow, and surprisingly got the chance in October. Maybe not surprising since we were in Wyoming. One of my friends did us all the huge favor of getting married in Teton Village over Columbus Day Weekend which gave us the opportunity to spend a long …

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Earth Day 2017

Keeping in tradition from last year, I'm late on Earth Day. In 2016 I posted a collection of forests, this year I've selected wildflowers, cacti and yucca from across the country. If you can ID any of the flowers that I didn't I would really appreciate it, shoot me a message. Shout out to the …

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The Grand Canyon (and the Election)

  It breaks my heart to know that in the year of the National Park Service Centennial we have chosen a President who will choose pipelines over parks and sacred lands, and likely support introducing a tram and other development in our most wild places, including the Grand Canyon. This park has always been under …

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