Fruit Leather Corollary

One of the first recipes I posted was fruit leather, and I have an addendum to the recipe that I'm pretty proud of. In cooking in general the past two weeks my theme has been reducing waste. Chicken bones have gone in the freezer and then to stock, fish skin has gone to the dog …

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Rice and Beans

Rice and Beans Serves 2, 7.2 oz Basic dehydrating for rice and vegetables. ¾ cup rice Chicken flavored. ¾ cup black beans ¼ cup mexican bean bark See the recipe from Backpacker Magazine ¼ cup green peppers 2 tablespoons freeze dried cheddar cheese


Chili Serves 2, 6.5 oz Basic dehydrating rice. 1 16 oz can vegetarian chili 1 can of Trader Joe’s Vegetarian Chili. Spread it straight from the can onto a sheet and dehydrate at 135 overnight. ½ cup rice 3 tablespoons freeze dried cheddar cheese