Vermont Long Trail: Section 2

Section 2: 104.2-Sherburne Pass Rt 4 to 165.5-Birch Glen Shelter The second half of this section was pretty brutal, and it gradually became clear that my mom and I had different approaches and goals for the trail. I was wearing one knee brace for this section, and would add another for Section 3. The big …

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Food: Vermont Long Trail 2017

This is really “Food, Part I” since I’m only covering dehydrated dinners. When I get to Vermont my mom and I will put together breakfasts (oatmeal), lunches (tortillas with stuff and gorp) and a few more dinners with canned salmon. I’ll make separate posts with each individual recipe, but will cover an overview here. The …

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Planning: Vermont Long Trail 2017

I spent most of last fall planning for the JMT. I bought guidebooks, watched Mile, Mile and a Half until it was taken off of Netflix and Amazon Prime, poured over maps and read travel books. I prepared permit applications weeks in advance and looked up as many free fax online services as possible. Then it was …

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