Vermont Long Trail: Section 1

This trail is an ass kicker. I loved it but I would not recommend it to everyone by a long shot. If you are used to hiking out west on beautiful clear trails with a maximum 10% grade, switchbacks and constant views and that's what you love, this is not the trail for you. If …

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Great Sand Dunes and Guadalupe Mountains

Great Sand Dunes was intended to be the second to last stop, taking a full day, and then I would spend a day at Guadalupe Mountains National Park. When I arrived at Great Sand Dunes however, it was the weekend and I did not have a reservation. There was not an available campsite. Now the …

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Rice and Beans

Rice and Beans Serves 2, 7.2 oz Basic dehydrating for rice and vegetables. ¾ cup rice Chicken flavored. ¾ cup black beans ¼ cup mexican bean bark See the recipe from Backpacker Magazine ¼ cup green peppers 2 tablespoons freeze dried cheddar cheese