The Struggle is Real: Lockhart State Park

Living in Texas is hard. I love Houston, I love the food, I love the cost of living, I love Texas thunderstorms, but the location of Houston is hard. It's built on a swamp, and there are no mountains, no real forests, no skiing, none of the things I've grown up with in the Adirondacks, …

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Grand Teton in the Fall

I've always wanted to visit a National Park in the snow, and surprisingly got the chance in October. Maybe not surprising since we were in Wyoming. One of my friends did us all the huge favor of getting married in Teton Village over Columbus Day Weekend which gave us the opportunity to spend a long …

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Vermont Long Trail: Section 4

Section 4: 223.5-Vt Rte 15/Valley of the Lamoille River to 272.7-Journey's End/Northern Terminus This fall has been brutal (not as brutal as the Long Trail) so I want to apologize for being so delinquent in my posting. Hurricane Harvey really did a number on the school year, combined with adding a class that I've never …

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